How to Test a 110 Volt Outlet

Learn how to quickly verify that your 110-volt outlet has power with these steps from Sportsmith.

No tools required!

  • The first step of troubleshooting a power issue with a machine equipped with a power cord is to verify that the outlet being used is working
    • This video demonstrates a simple method of testing the outlet
  • Make sure that the outlet and appliance have matching plug and receptacle before plugging in
    • Failure to do so could result in injury and/or damage to the electrical circuit and/or appliance
  • This procedure is a quick and easy way to test the functionality of a 110-volt outlet
  • Plug in a small appliance such as the fan used in the video and make sure the appliance works
    • If so, you know that the outlet is not your problem
  • You could also use a light, small lamp, or radio for this test
    • Any small appliance that you can plug in and turn on and know the appliance is working
  • This completes our demonstration of testing a 110V outlet for power
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