Video of How To Replace an Alternator Belt Using Cable Ties on Life Fitness 95Xi

Due to the difficulty of installing a new alternator belt onto several versions of the crosstrainers such as the 90x, 93x, and 95xi this video has been published to help with how to replace an alternator belt on the 95Xi Crosstrainer by LifeFitness using cable ties for assistance

Tools necessary:

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Several Cable Ties
  • Wire Cutters


  • Begin by removing the shroud as seen in our Main Shroud Removal video
    • The lower shroud has been removed for clarity during the video, however, this step is not necessary for the actual belt replacement
  • Carefully walk the alternator belt off the poly-v pulley and remove the belt as seen in the video
  • Place the new alternator belt over the alternator pulley
  • Roll the lower, plastic, poly-v pulley so that the two holes are in the 9 o'clock position
  • Lay the new alternator belt into the grooves of the plastic pulley and secure it in place with the cable ties
    • Place a cable tie through each of the two holes in the pulley and tighten it to hold the belt in place
  • Now turn the pulley slowly, counter-clockwise until the belt is fully seated into the grooves
  • Note: DO NOT forget to cut the cable ties at this point
  • Now spin the pulley several revolutions to ensure the belt is fully seated
  • Reinstall the main shroud
  • This completes our demonstration of using cable ties to help with the replacement of the alternator belt on the LifeFitness 95Xi Crosstrainer
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