Brake Pad Preventive Maintenance Video for IC Bikes

This video is about performing brake pad preventive maintenance on a Schwinn IC bike. This includes lubricating the brake pads and making sure they are properly centered at the flywheel.

Tools Required

  • 10MM Socket and Wrench or 3/8” Nut Driver
  • 4MM Allen Wrench
  • Silicone Lubricant
  • Clean Rags

Removal Procedure

  • Begin by removing the brake bolts from the pads using the 4MM Allen wrench. Once removed, each bolt should contain a spring and two washers. Now the brake pads can be removed.
  • In this demonstration, you are being shown to pour a small amount of the liquid silicone lubricant into a container. You should place the brake pads so the felt is in the silicone lubricant and allow them to soak. Remove the brake pads from soaking in the lubricant and wipe away any excess lubricant

  Tech Tip

If your brake pads are squealing you should first inspect the felt of the brake pad. If the pad has sufficient felt, then lubricate the pads. If the felt is not sufficient, replace the pads and lubricate the new pads prior to installation.

Installation Procedure

  • Using the 4MM Allen wrench, attach the brake pads. Tighten the brake pad bolts until the pads are nice and secure.
  • Take a clean rag and rotate the flywheel while wiping away any excess lubricant from the flywheel.
  • With the brake knob in the full-up position, again rotate the flywheel and inspect that the brake pads are centered around the flywheel. You are looking to have an even amount of space between each pad and the flywheel. Pads should not be touching the flywheel with the brake knob in the full-up position.
  • If the pads are unevenly spaced around the flywheel or make contact, they can be adjusted.
    • Remove the plug from the frame just above the flywheel as seen in the video
    • Using the 10MM socket and wrench or the 3/8” nut driver, loosen the bolt
    • Adjust the brake pads so that they are evenly positioned around the flywheel and retighten the bolt
    • Make sure the brake pads are not touching the flywheel with the brake knob in the full up position

This completes the preventive maintenance, lubrication, and adjustment of the brake pads on a Schwinn IC bike

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