Compare and Contrasts of Schwinn AC and IC Bikes

This video covers the comparison and points of contrast between the Schwinn IC Indoor Cycles and the Schwinn AC Authentic Cycles

  • One difference between the IC and AC bikes is the brake mechanism
    • IC bikes use brake pads for both braking and resistance
    • AC bikes use a magnetic mechanism for braking and resistance
      • The eddy current system virtually requires no maintenance
  • Handlebars is another difference between the AC and IC cycles
    • IC bikes have the standard indoor cycle handlebar
    • AC bikes feature a handlebar that is more like that found on road bikes
  • Adjustment points are another point of contrast between the bikes
    • The seat post of an AC bike allows for 1/2” adjustments in the up or down position
    • The seat on AC bikes is only adjustable to 3 different positions allowing for ease of adjustment
  • Frames are another area of contrast between the IC and AC models



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