Console Modes for Schwinn AC Bikes

This video discusses the different console modes for this accessory upgrade to Schwinn AC indoor cycles.

  • Turn the power to the console on by pressing any one of the (3) buttons: STAGE, AVG END, or Backlight
  • Workout Mode is the screen the user encounters after turning the console on
    • This allows the user to view various details about their workout while exercising
      • Calories Burned
      • Speed (RPM)
      • Total Time
      • Watts
      • Stage
    • Console features a battery icon at the bottom of the display to help the user monitor battery levels
  • Service Mode is most commonly used by a technician when performing maintenance
    • Access this mode by pressing down and holding the STAGE and AVG END buttons
    • L- - will come up on the display when Service Mode is accessed
    • In this mode, you can see if any errors have occurred
      • Error codes can be found in both the owner's and service manuals
    • If an opened end wrench appears at the bottom of this screen it is an indicator that maintenance needs performed to the console or various parts of the bike
    • Service mode offers sub-menus that you can scroll through using the AVG END button
      • Access the sub menu by pressing the backlight button
      • Submenu options are:
        • L- - is Level – L01 is the default level for all bikes
        • Un- is Unit of Measure – Un0 is Metric and Un1 is Standard
        • P- - is Power – PE1 is enabled for use when the bike is equipped with a Power Sensor and PE0 is for power off when there is no power sensor
        • C- - is Power Calibration – this is used for tilt calibration when a bike is equipped with a power upgrade
        • AP- is Battery Levels – AP1 is the console, AP2 is the speed sensor, and AP3 is the power sensor
        • EP- is Maintenance – allows the service technician to reset summary information for the last maintenance schedule, check various preventative maintenance needing performed
        • U- - is USB Enabling – U01 disables the function, U02 enables the function (default for all consoles), and U03 sets it to export the data to a USB device which allows users to connect a USB such as zip drive or thumb drive to save their workout data to help them track their progress
        • - - - is a way to return to the Workout Mode from the Service Mode
  • Refer to the owner's manual or service manual for additional help with the console modes of a Schwinn AC bike
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