How to Pair the Console, Speed, Power Sensor on Schwinn AC Bikes

This video is about pairing the console, speed, and power sensor for the Schwinn AC bikes along with some of the upgrades available for the series. Console and its counterparts can be used on the AC Performance, AC Sport, or the AC Classic

There are a couple of upgrades available for the AC series:

  • Console Upgrade
    • This consists of the console, (2) C batteries, speed sensor, and a 3V battery
  • Power Upgrade
    • This consists of the power sensor and a AA battery

Pairing Procedure

  • Begin the pairing process by inserting the (2) C batteries into the console
  • If the console doesn’t power on automatically, press any button to turn the console on
  • Insert the 3V battery into the speed sensor and check to make sure that the device is switched to speed
  • If installing a power upgrade, insert the AA battery into the power sensor
  • With the console on, press and hold the AVG END and STAGE buttons for 5 seconds to access the service mode
    • L- - will appear on the display when in service mode
  • Use the AVG END button to scroll through the sub-menus of the service mode
    • When P- - appears on the display, select by pressing the backlight button
      • This allows you to pair the units
        • PE0 is Power OFF which is used when there is no power sensor
        • PE1 is Power Enabled which is used when there is a power sensor
      • After enabling the Power setting on the console press the backlight button to return the display to P- -
      • Now flip the console over
      • On the back, you will see a red pairing button, press and hold the button
        • PPP should appear blinking on the display signaling that the console is ready to be paired
      • Press the pair button on the speed sensor
      • Press the pairing button on the power sensor
        • LED will light
          • When the light is green you will see that both the Speed and Power have passed and the display will return to P- -
            • If there was a fail for either the speed or the power sensor, simply remove the batteries from all the components and restart the pairing procedure; continue until the pairing passes
  • Scroll through the sub-menus until - - - appears and press the backlight
  • This returns you to the main menu
  • That completes the process of pairing your console, speed, and power sensors for a Schwinn AC indoor cycle
  • The tilt calibration needs to be performed after pairing the console with the speed and power sensors
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