Preventive Maintenance Procedures for Schwinn IC and AC Bikes

This video covers the preventative maintenance that should be performed on the Schwinn IC & AC indoor cycle bikes.

Schwinn Authentic Cycle models:

Schwinn Indoor Cycle models:

  • IC Evolution SR
  • IC Evolution
  • IC Elite
  • IC Pro
  • Daily and after each class bikes should be wiped down with equipment polish and a clean rag
    • This gives the bike a fresh look and a clean smell
  • Silicone spray should be used to lubricate areas that over time can become difficult to adjust
    • Pop pins
      • Unthread the pop-pin, spray the silicone onto a clean rag and wipe down the post on the pop-pin
    • Handlebar stem
      • Loosen the pop-pin for the handlebar up and down position
      • Spray a clean rag and wipe the length of the handlebar stem covering the entire surface
    • Seat post
      • Loosen the pop-pin for the seat post up and down position
      • Spray a clean rag and wipe the length of the seat post covering the entire surface

Tech Tip: If after lubricating the handlebar stem or seat post adjustments are still difficult, you can remove either the seat post or the handlebar stem and lubricate the inside of its sleeve

Chain wax is recommended because it acts as a lubricant to extend the life of your chain and prevents the build-up of dirt or dust on the chain. Schwinn bikes have a rear access hole in the chain guard to aid in the lubrication of the chain. Insert the spray hose of the chain wax into the hole and begin spraying the chain wax. As you spray the chain wax, slowly turn the pedals so that the chain is making rotations allowing the chain wax to cover the entire length of the chain. Use a clean rag to wipe away any excess wax that may have gotten on the bike

That completes this demonstration of preventative maintenance for the Schwinn indoor cycle bikes

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