How to Replace Brake Pads on Schwinn IC Bikes

Our video demonstrates how to change the brake pad on your Schwinn indoor cycle.

Tools Required

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • 4mm Allen Wrench
  • 10mm Socket


  • To begin remove the brake pad tension knob covers with a Phillips screwdriver
  • With one side removed you can see the rod carrier that we are trying to remove from the holder
  • You will need to remove both of them from both sides of the cycle as shown in the video
  • Once the covers are removed and the rod carriers are released you can simply remove the hex head bolt that is holding the brake pad with a 4MM Allen wrench
  • Now you can pull the caliper away from the flywheel and slide the brake pad off the cycle
  • Repeat on the opposite side
  • Installation is the opposite of removal
  • Simply pull the caliper to one side and install the new pad then install and tighten the bolt with a spring and two washers
  • Repeat on the opposite side
  • Then install the rods back into the carrier and replace the covers
  • After pad replacement sometimes resistance is excessive even with the tension knob loosened completely
    • To remedy this situation tighten the tension knob completely and allow the cycle to sit for 2 hours
    • Then release the tension
    • This should compress the springs enough to release the excessive tension
  • Sometimes it is also necessary to center the brake pad assembly in the frame
  • To do so, remove the plastic cover with a flat screwdriver as shown in the video, then use a 10MM socket to loosen the nut and make the proper side to side adjustment necessary
  • Re-tighten the nut and replace the cap
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