How to Complete a Tilt Calibration for Schwinn AC Bikes

This video discusses the tilt calibration for Schwinn AC bikes. Tilt calibration occurs after pairing the console, speed & power sensor. It is performed to allow the console to talk properly with the speed and power sensors.

  • This procedure must be performed with the magnets in the full up position meaning there is no resistance on the flywheel
    • Full Up is achieved by turning the tension knob counterclockwise, loosening it to its uppermost point
  • Access the calibration mode on the console by turning power to console on and then pressing the STAGE and AVG END buttons at the same time holding them until L- - appears on the display
  • Use the AVG END button to scroll until C- - appears on the display
  • Select by pressing the backlight button
  • Get C01 on the display and press the backlight button
  • Scroll until UP is blinking in the top right corner
  • Press the backlight button again
  • Make sure you are not touching the bike will this step processes
  • PASS will appear in the lower right
    • If the process doesn’t pass, simply retry until you get a pass
  • Scroll until - - appears in the top right corner
  • Press the backlight button
  • Scroll until - - - appears on the main display and press the backlight button again
  • This completes the tilt calibration procedure for the Schwinn Authentic Cycling bikes
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