Wiring Video for Yellow Sticker Alternator, Stairmaster Stratus,Momentum Bikes

When replacing the alternator on your Stairmaster Stratus 3300CE and 3900RC or Momentum 3800RC and 3400CE bikes, it is important to note that the physical location of the wire connections as well as the markings may have changed from the alternator being replaced.

Three wires come from the J1 connector of the internal power board and connect to the alternator. They are Brown, White, and Black.

How to wire an alternator with the yellow sticker:

  • Attach the Brown wire to the alternator terminal labeled FLD.
  • Attach the White wire to the alternator terminal labeled B+.
  • Attach the Black wire to the alternator terminal labeled GND (it may be necessary to use a self-tapping screw).
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