Console Codes Video for Stairmaster SC916 Stepper

This video covers using console codes when servicing the Stairmaster SC916 Stepper. The SC916 Stepper uses the C51 console. The following codes covered can be used on any unit equipped with this C51 console as shown in the video. The video covers the most commonly used console codes when servicing the SC916 Stepper.
Click here for more information about SC916 Stepper console codes.

While using console codes, it is necessary to occasionally step on the unit in order to keep the console powered up.

  • Customize Code - Level Up, 3, Enter.
    • Customize will appear on the screen. You can use the Level Up and Level Down to scroll through the Customize menu.
    • Once you find the desired topic, you select it by pressing Enter.
    • The option Change Units in Customize is used to select between USA and METRIC units.
      • Make the appropriate selection and press Enter.
      • Exit this option by pressing Clear.
    • Returning to the Customize menu, scroll to HR INPUTS. P
      • Pressing Enter allows you to choose different HR INPUT options.
      • For purposes of testing, scroll to HAND ONLY and select by pressing Enter.
        • This will allow the unit to only read the input from your hands and block out any other telemetric signals. (This is important when diagnosing false heart rate readings. This allows you to rule out wireless devices such as wireless internet, cell phones, and power tools.)
  • Machine Status Code - Level Up, 4, Enter.
    • Machine Status will appear on the screen. You can scroll through this menu using the Level Up and Level Down keys.
    • Here you can view usage stats such as Run Hours, # of workouts, floors climbed, your console version (Console version is important when dealing with performance problems that are electronic in nature), what equipment type the console is configured (Stepper, Stepmill, Bike, Elliptical), and maintenance hours.
    • Exit this option by pressing Clear.
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