Console Software Upload Video for Stairmaster Stepper, SC916

Over the course of time, it may be necessary to upgrade the software on the Stairmaster SC916 Stepper.

This video covers the steps necessary to upload software and configure the console of your SC916 stepper by Stairmaster.

Important Note: Anytime you are updating software or reconfiguring a machine, any data stored in the machine will be lost. It may be necessary to log any pertinent details prior to updating your software or reconfiguring the console.

Tools Needed:

  • FISP or Dongle (software uploader)
  • Phillips Screwdriver


  1. Remove the small cover from the back of the console using the Phillips screwdriver.
    1. This will allow access to the port to which you will connect the FISP or Dongle (software uploader).
      1. The FISP/Dongle is equipped with a gray ribbon cable that will only allow for connection to the port one way.
        1. There is a red line that runs along the ribbon cable, and when connected properly; the red line faces toward the bottom.
          1. Take care not to bend the pins when making the connection.
    2. Now that the FISP/Dongle is connected, power up the machine.
      1. This can be done by moving the pedals.
      2. An orange light will come on and begin flashing on the FISP/Dongle.
        1. This indicates that the software is uploading. (CAUTION: Never disconnect the FISP/Dongle when uploading software. This can result in the console becoming unusable.)
          1. As the software uploads, the flashing orange light should turn green.
            1. If the light ever turns red, you will need to restart the software upload process.
          2. Once the light turns from orange to green, this indicates the software has completed its update.
  2. It is now time to configure the console. (It is necessary to occasionally pedal the unit in order to keep the console powered up.)
    1. Hit Quick Start.
      1. NTM Config Rqd will appear on the display. This is a prompt advising configuration of the console is required.
        1. The console needs to know the type of unit, Stepper, Elliptical, or Bike.
          1. Press Level Up, 8, Enter.
            1. Configuration will appear on the screen.
            2. Press Level Up to scroll to the Change Machine menu option.
            3. Select Change Machine by pressing Enter.
            4. NTM Config Rqd will appear again.
            5. Press Level Up or Level Down to find the proper unit type.
              1. In this case, Stairclimber should be selected and press ENTER.
  3. The console is now updated with new software and configured for use on the Stairmaster stepper.
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