Video about How To Open the Steps on a Stairmaster Stepmill

This video covers how to open the steps on the Stairmaster Stepmill SM916 for ease of servicing the transmission or alternator. The procedure covered can also be applied to the other Stairmaster Stepmill models such as the Gauntlet, Stepmill, and 7000PT.


  • Rivet Fastener Removal Tool
  • Safety Goggles
  • Snap Ring Pliers
    • Note: Gauntlet, Stepmill, and 7000PT may require a 1/2" Nut Driver or 1/2" Wrench instead of Snap Ring Pliers


  1. First, you will want to remove the left and right panels from the unit.
  2. Next, using the snap ring pliers, 1/2" nut driver, or wrench, you will remove a snap ring or nut from the step shaft.
    1. Once the snap ring or nut is removed, you can remove the step shaft bearing and washers.
      1. A washer is located on each side of the chain-link.
  3. After removing the snap ring or nut, bearing, and washers from the one side of the step shaft, go to the opposite side and pull the step shaft through the step assembly, keeping in mind the washers.
    1. As the step shaft is removed, you will notice the steps may fall ever so slightly.
  4. Once the step shaft is removed, a gap is created between the separated steps.
    1. You will lift up on the top portion of the step and fold it under.
    2. Then you will push down on the bottom portion.
      1. This gives you full view and access to the transmission and alternator.
  5. To reassemble the step, you will take your step shaft and feed it back through the side it was removed.
  6. Start by placing the step shaft through the chain taking care that the washers are in their place.
  7. It will be necessary to line up the step shaft with the first hole of the step assembly.
  8. Once you have the step shaft started in the first hole of the step assembly, you can align the bottom portion of the step with the notches and push the shaft through the step assembly.
    1. Be sure to insert the washer between the tread and chain-link when pushing the step shaft into place.
  9. Now install the outer washer, the step shaft bearing, and finish with the snap ring or nut.
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