Load Resistor Testing for Stairmaster Steppers, 4400CL and 4600CL

This video covers troubleshooting and testing of the load resistor on the Stairmaster 4400CL and 4600CL Steppers.

Tools Needed:

  • Multi Meter

The load resistor is cylindrical in shape and has metal fins encased in the ceramic coating around the outside. The job of the load resistor is to take the extra electricity from the alternator and dissipate it as heat.

Symptoms that one may experience when the load resistor fails are alternating resistance in the pedals or no resistance in the pedals.

Alternating resistance can occur as the load resistor heats or cools causing the resistance to come and go. If the load resistor is really bad, there can be no resistance in the pedals.


  1. You can test the load resistor by first following the wires from the load resistor to the lower control board.
  2. Next, carefully disconnect the load resistor wires from the lower control board.
    1. Be careful not to damage the connector on the lower control board or the load resistor wires.
  3. Set your voltmeter to the setting larger than and closest to 2.5 ohms.
  4. Insert each lead from your voltmeter into the pins of the wire connector of the load resistor.
    1. Look for a reading of 2.5 ohms (+/- 10%).
      1. If your reading is outside the range, the load resistor should be replaced.
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