Plastic Tread Replacement Video for Stairmaster Stepmills, SM916,7000PT

This video covers replacing the plastic step tread on the Stairmaster SM916 and 7000PT Stepmill. (The procedure shown for the plastic step tread replacement can also be used for the Stepmill and Gauntlet.)

Remember that if replacing 1 step tread, all step treads should be replaced. A general rule if one tread is worn it is likely all other treads are worn in the same manner.


  • Rivet Fastener Removal Tool
  • Safety Goggles
  • Snap Ring Pliers
    • Note: Gauntlet, Stepmill and 7000PT may require a 1/2" Nut Driver or 1/2" Wrench instead of Snap Ring Pliers
  • Clean Rag
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • 1/2" or 12mm Deep Socket
  • Rubber Mallet


  1. Begin by removing the side cover for access to the step shafts and position the steps as if you were going to step up on the unit.
  2. Remove the snap ring or nut from a step shaft.
    1. Inspect the snap ring (if equipped) and replace with new if over sprung.
  3. Lift slightly on the step to remove the bearing and outside washer. Keep note the orientation of parts for reassembly.
  4. Push against the step shaft so as to push it out through the other side.
    1. There is another washer on the inside of the chain link.
  5. Continue pulling the step shaft out; DO NOT FULLY REMOVE.
  6. Once you have the step shaft half way out, you can get your hand inside to hold the step up.
    1. Then go ahead and pull the step shaft the rest of the way out.
  7. You can rest the bottom portion of the step on your knee and gently fold the top portion under.
  8. You will need to remove your knee so that the bottom portion of the step can be flipped so that the plastic tread is against the floor.
  9. Using the flathead screwdriver, remove and discard the 10 push nuts affixing the plastic tread to the step.
    1. Remove the old plastic tread.
  10. Put the new plastic tread in place so that the 10 plastic ribs are facing up through the metal step.
  11. Next, using the 1/2" or 12mm deep well socket and rubber mallet install the new push nuts.
    1. Place a new wave washer and push nut over each plastic rib.
    2. Place the socket over new wave washer and push nut.
    3. Using the rubber mallet, tap against the socket to pop the new push nut into place.
    4. Repeat for all 10 push nuts.
  12. After replacing the plastic tread, it is time to reinstall the step shaft.
  13. Reinstall the step shaft from the side it was removed.
    1. Get the step shaft started into the chain.
    2. Be sure to reinstall your washer between the chain link and the step assembly.
    3. Lift up on the step and push the step shaft into the first part of the hinge (about 2 inches).
    4. Align the bottom portion of the step with the top portion and continue pushing the step shaft through.
    5. You want to be sure that you have reinstalled the washer between the step and chain link on the other side.
    6. Now that the step shaft is in place, you should reinstall the outer washer, the step shaft bearing, and lastly the nut or snap ring.
  14. Roll the steps down to the next step and repeat; Continuing with the process until all 8 step treads have been replaced.
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