Serial Number Introduction for Stairmaster Stepmill, SM916

This video is an introduction and explanation of serial numbers for the Stairmaster Stepmill model SM916.

The serial number for the Stairmaster Stepmill SM916 is located at the front of the unit. If standing in front of the unit and facing the machine, the serial number is on the right side.

The serial number is about 14 digits long. The breakdown of the serial numbers is as follows:

  • The first 5 digits of the serial number are the machine ID#
    • Examples:
      • 14001 = 110V, Domestic Unit
      • 14002 = 110V, Domestic Boxed Unit
      • 14003 = International Unit
      • 14004 = TV Ready Unit
  • The next two digits are the year the unit was made
  • The next two digits following the year are the month the unit was made
  • The next two digits following the month are the day the unit was made
  • The last 3 digits of the serial number designate the total numbers of units manufactured on that production run.

Example Serial#: 14001080714053

This serial number shows that the unit was manufactured on July 14, 2008.


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