Too Much Resistance Troubleshooting Video for Stairmaster Stepmill, SM916

This video covers testing the Stairmaster Stepmill when there is a complaint of Too Much Resistance or constant resistance during stepmill workouts on models including the SM916.


Screwdrivers (for use removing the user's right side panel for access to the lower board)


The first step in troubleshooting too much resistance or constant resistance begins with the lower board.

  1. You will want to first verify that the Field LED is lit on the lower board.
  2. As shown in the video, the Field LED is off initially, when the steps are engaged it lights up, after about 5 seconds the light should go off.
    1. If the Field LED stays lit during a workout or after a workout is completed, this is a sign that the console is faulty. There is constant power being supplied through the console keeping a full load and causing no change in resistance.
    2. If the Field LED remains lit, the console needs replaced.
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