Stairmaster Steppers and Stepmills, Performing Jumper Test on the Alternator

Performing a Stairmaster Stepper, Stepmill, Freeclimber Alternator Jumper Test

  • In today's article, we will be discussing how to verify your Stairmaster alternator is functioning correctly
    • The quickest way to determine if the alternator is the cause for your resistance issue is by performing what is called a jumper test
  • To do this test, unplug the power on a PT machine and Stepmill or unhook the battery on a CL (cordless) machine
    • Power remains disconnected for this test
  • Remove the right shroud from the unit
  • On back of alternator, locate the Field or FLD terminal
    • This wire is usually brown
  • Also, locate the terminal labeled Positive or B+
    • The wire connected to this could be white or black depending on model
  • Once you've located and disconnected the wires from these terminals carefully isolate them so they cannot short to anything during the test
  • Now, you will need a jumper wire to proceed
    • Hook one end of the jumper to the Field terminal and the other end to the B+ or Positive terminal
    • It is very important that the jumper makes a good connection at both ends
  • Once you have the jumper connected, proceed to step on the machine
    • You will have to step fast to keep up for about 10-20 seconds
  • After stepping on the unit, you will obtain full resistance if the alternator is working properly
  • If your alternator passes this test, yet you still have a loss of resistance, you will need to further troubleshoot
  • If you do not get resistance, than your alternator is the problem
    • The common solution is to replace your alternator brushes
      • First, make sure your jumper wire connection is good
      • If not, you may produce a false negative result
  • This concludes today's demonstration


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