How to get Proper Torque of a Crank Arm Bolt for a StarTrac NXT

In this video, we are showing how to properly torque your crank arm bolt using an adjustable or "click" style torque wrench

Tools Required

  • Adjustable Torque Wrench
  • Flat Tip Screwdriver


  • You will begin by removing the crank arm bolt cap with a flat tip screwdriver
  • Once it's removed make sure your torque wrench is set to 30 foot-pounds for the StarTrac NXT
  • It's a good idea to tighten the brake assembly to aid in holding the crank arm still as seen in the video
  • Place the wrench in position and tighten until you hear the click of the torque wrench, as shown in the video
  • The click lets you know you have achieved the preset torque with this type of torque wrench

Don't forget to release the brake assembly tension and re-install the crank arm bolt cap

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