How to Replace the Front Roller on a StarTrac 4000 Treadmill

Star Trac 4000 Treadmill Front Roller Replacement

Tools Required

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • 1/4" Allen Wrench
  • 1/2" Wrench
  • Bungee Cord
  • Tools needed may vary depending on your hardware.


  1. Switch the Power off on the unit.
  2. Next, unplug the unit from the wall
  3. Remove the finger guard retaining screws and carefully remove them from the deck at each end of the rear roller.
  4. Loosen each rear roller bolt by 10 full turns. Then count the remaining turns necessary to remove the rear roller bolts. Remember to write down the number of turns needed to remove the bolts in each side for future reference.
  5. Carefully remove the rear roller from the unit. Clean any wax or debris buildup from the roller and place it aside.
  6. Raise the shroud and secure it with a bungee cord.
  7. Work the drive belt off the motor pulley by hand turning the flywheel while pushing the belt aside.
  8. Now remove the front roller retaining bolts.
  9. Carefully remove the old front roller from the unit.
  10. Carefully place the new front roller on the deck under the belt and push it forward into place, while placing the drive belt on the inside of the drive pulley.
  11. Replace the front roller bolts.
  12. Now spin the roller by hand while pushing the drive belt onto the pulley. Be sure to spin the roller several times to insure complete installation of the drive belt on the pulley.
  13. Install the rear roller into the unit.
  14. Carefully start each bolt and turn one to two threads to ensure no cross-threading has occurred.
  15. Tighten each rear roller bolt the number of turns you kept earlier for reference.
  16. Now, Plug in and power on the unit.
  17. Carefully remove the bungee cord from the shroud and lower it back into place.
  18. Start the unit at a very slow speed and check for proper belt alignment. Remember to start at the slowest speed possible and be ready to stop the unit quickly if needed.
  19. If the belt is moving to the right side of the unit tighten the right roller bolt if the belt is moving to the left side of the unit tighten the left roller bolt.
  20. Caution: make very small adjustments such as 1/4 turns and then watch the belt for several moments before making another adjustment.
  21. Once the belt is tracking properly walk on the unit at a slow speed and check for belt slippage on foot fall. If this is happening tighten each of the rear roller bolts (1/4 turns) equal turns until the slippage is no longer occurring.
  22. Now use the unit at a jogging speed to check for belt travel or slippage.
  23. If slippage still occurs make small equal adjustments (1/4 turns) to both sides of the roller and re-check.
  24. Install the finger guards once you have enough clearance from the rear roller.
  25. Now plug in and power on the unit.
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