How to Measure a Treadmill Belt

Measuring a Treadmill Belt

In most cases, a compatible replacement treadmill belt can be found by knowing the brand, model, and the serial number of your treadmill. Sometimes, it may be necessary to provide your treadmill belt measurement for a replacement. If this is the case, providing an accurate treadmill belt measurement is the key to getting a belt that fits.

Tools Needed

  • Spool of String (non-stretch material such as nylon) or Twine
  • Tape Measure


If you need to measure your treadmill belt for a replacement, the following is the recommended method of How to Measure a Treadmill Belt:

  1. Begin by disconnecting power to the treadmill.
  2. Ensure that the rear roller adjustment is at normal tension. Generally, this would place the rear roller at about the halfway point of its adjustment bolts.
  3. Route your string or twine around the front and rear rollers (just as the treadmill belt is routed), making certain to keep the string or twine tight. It may be necessary to use tape to secure the end of the string or twine to the belt during this step.
  4. Once the string or twine meets the other end, cut this length.
  5. Lay the string or twine out and using your tape measure, note the length end to end. This will be the length measurement.
  6. Using the tape measure, note the width of the belt. This will be the width measurement.
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