Trotter Error 8 on 685 and 900T Treadmills

Probable Cause

This error usually results from an intermittent power loss like the power cord being kicked or the power switch is turned back on too quickly when resetting the power. Other possible causes are the motor controller, low line voltage, bad on/off switch, capacitor, or line filter.

Corrective Action

  1. If Error 8 occurred after resetting power, turn the unit off let sit a few seconds, and turn back on again. If the error reappears, replace the motor controller.
  2. If the error does not reappear, start the treadmill. If an error occurs when the treadmill starts, check the capacitor wires to ensure correct polarity and good connection.
  3. If this does not clear the error, using a voltmeter check the AC voltage from the wall outlet to the treadmill. If the voltage is below 180VAC, you need to consult an electrician to resolve the low voltage.
  4. If the voltage from the wall outlet to the treadmill is good, start the treadmill and place it under a load. If the error occurs while under a load, then the motor controller should be replaced.
  5. If the error does not occur, check if the drive motor is running smoothly. If so, then replace the capacitor.
  6. If the drive motor is running rough, the problem exists with the line filter, motor controller, or on/off switch. Each one should be replaced one at a time until the issue is resolved.
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