Console Not Lighting Up on LifeFitness 90C,90CW Bikes

Probable Cause

  1. Auto-start not responding.
  2. Keypad not responding.
  3. Insufficient battery voltage.
  4. Loose wire connections.
  5. Worn or damaged wire harnesses.
  6. Malfunctioning display console.
  7. Malfunctioning alternator control board (ACB).

Corrective Action

  1. Check auto start not responding
  2. Test keypad in diagnostics.
    1. Access Diagnostics by holding down the UP ARROW, then pressing the CLEAR key twice.
    2. Then press and hold COOL DOWN and then press ENTER for entry into the TEST/SERVICE MENU.
  3. Check the battery voltage. There is a 9VDC alkaline battery and it should test at a minimum of 9.0 VDC. Replace the battery if it fails to meet minimum requirements.
  4. Disconnect then reconnect connections.
  5. Inspect wire harnesses. Replace the worn or damaged harness.
  6. Test with substitute display console. Replace malfunctioning display console if necessary.
  7. Test with a known good alternator control board. Replace malfunctioning board if necessary.
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