How to Replace the Stop Switch for LifeFitness 9100, 9500 and 9700 Treadmills


Tools Required:

  • flat-blade screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • crescent wrench


  1. Turn the unit off at the power switch and unplug from the outlet.
  2. Take out the 4 screws from the lower back cover.
  3. Take off the fast-on joined to the micro-switch.
  4. Take off the stop switch.
  5. In reverse order, position the new stop switch.
  6. Log replacement through diagnostics. Access diagnostics by holding PAUSE while power is given or by holding PAUSE and pressing CLEAR two times while still holding the PAUSE key. It should take a few seconds for the DIAGNOSTICS to appear. You will then scroll through the menu with arrow keys until MAINTENANCE appears. Press ENTER when the repair title needed appears. If the log is successful, a message of REPAIR LOGGED will show on display. You can then hit CLEAR to exit
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