How to Replace Wax Bag on LifeFitness 9700, 9100 and 9500 Next Gen Treadmills


Tools Required

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Box knife


  1. Turn the unit off at the power switch and unplug from the outlet.
  2. Located on the user's left side of the unit, remove the wax bag access panel.­­ Skip to STEP 7 if this is a first time installation ­­
  3. Place the hose clamp on the old wax bag hose.
  4. Slip the old wax bag hose off the ridged nozzle on the wax pump hose.
  5. Just inside the wax bag access hole, take off the two wing nuts.
  6. Raise the old wax bag from the nut studs and slip the bag from its protective liner. Throw away the old wax bag.
  7. Check that the protective liner is open to allow the new wax bag in. Take the new wax bag from its packaging and cautiously place it into the access hole with the wax hose pointing toward the rear of the treadmill.
  8. Line up the holes in the wax bag with wing nut studs and fasten the bag with the wing nuts. ­­ CAUTION: DO NOT TEAR OR DAMAGE THE NEW WAX BAG ON THE WINGNUTS OR STUDS WHEN INSTALLING THE NEW BAG
  9. Slip the hose clamp onto the end of the wax bag hose. Place the hose clamp about 3 inches from the end of the wax hose and fasten the hose clamp onto the wax hose.
  10. Remove ½" from the end of a plugged wax hose and slip the wax hose onto the knurled nozzle on the wax pump hose. Ensure that the wax hose is fully seated and unfasten the hose clamp.
  11. Put the access panel back in place and fasten it with the screws.
    Installation is now complete if the first time. If replacing wax, follow through to the final step
  12. Log the wax fill.
  13. Press and hold the pause key, press the clear key twice while holding the pause. Keep holding the pause key until the screen shows SERVICE MENU.
  14. Use the UP arrow key to show MAINTENANCE on the screen. Press ENTER. The screen when then scroll through its options.
  15. When the screen shows REFILL WAXER SYSTEM press ENTER. The screen will show REPAIR LOGGED.
  16. Wax replacement is finished.
  17. Check to be sure that the process is completed properly by pressing the CLEAR key one time to return to the SERVICE MENU.
  18. Use the UP arrow key to scroll to INFORMATION. Press ENTER.
  19. Use the UP arrow key to scroll to WAX MOTOR INFO. Press ENTER and verify the screen shows 100/100 FULL.
  20. Hit the CLEAR key three times to exit.
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