Weekly Treadmill Preventive Maintenance for LifeFitness Next Gen Treadmills

Weekly maintenance is another preventive measure to caring for your LifeFitness Next Gen treadmills.  

  • Overlay – Clean (Be sure never to spray cleaner directly onto the console.  First spray cloth or paper towel, then wipe down console.)
  • Stop Switch – Clean
  • Emergency Stop Key – Clean
  • Heart rate grips – Clean & Inspect
  • Smart Stop Cover - Clean & Inspect
  • Motor Cover – Clean
  • Wax Nozzle – Clean Every 2 weeks
    • Clean your wax nozzle by placing into a bucket of hot water. The hot water loosens the dried wax. Wipe away any remaining residue before re-installing the wax nozzle.

Wipes are a convenient way to clean equipment and avoid spray cleaners. Click here to shop our wipes today.

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