How to Calibrate the Lift Motor on a Quinton Treadmill


The following describes the steps required to calibrate the lift motor on a StairMaster (Quinton) ClubTrack.

  1. Enter service mode on the treadmill by using the following keys at the same time:
    • Faster - Slower - Stop Belt
  2. Allow the lift motor to free spin by removing the bolts from the metal block on the jackscrew.
  3. Press the up arrow on the control panel until the incline is at 5% then press the down arrow and take it back down to 0%.  This will allow the lift motor rheostat to find its range.
  4. Spin the metal block on the jackscrew to allow 1 - 1.5 threads to be exposed from the top.  Secure the lift motor back to the frame by inserting the 2 bolts through the bracket holes and into the metal block. 
    NOTE: Double-check the spacers on each side to make sure they are flush.
  5. Run the treadmill incline up to 15% and check the jackscrew to verify it has not bottomed out before reaching 15%.  There should be around 4 - 6 threads exposed.  Bring the treadmill back to 0% where there should be the same amount of threads exposed from the top of the jackscrew.  If you see the correct amount of threads the lift motor is calibrated.

NOTE: If there is an error on the display panel, ex. E211, you need to manually turn the jackscrew back to 0%.  To perform this unscrew the 2 bolts from the bracket securing the metal box and jackscrew allowing it to free spin.  Use a shop rag or towel to wrap around the jackscrew to prevent damage to the threads.   Using a pair of pliers (channel locks or vice grips recommended) manually turn the jackscrew back to 0%.  Once this is accomplished run through the above steps to perform the calibration.

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