How to Perform Keypad Test on Stairmaster 4000PT


Perform the keypad test if you are having trouble entering data into the console of your Stairmaster 4000PT stepper.  If you cannot enter the DIAGNOSTIC code due to an inoperable keypad, replace the keypad.

C3, C4, and C5 consoles with Red LEDs

  1. Press Speed ^, 107, ENTER, 3
  2. Press the console keys.
    1. During this test, a light (an LED in the console display) blinks each time a key is pressed, indicating the key is good.
      1. If there is no blink, the keypad is defective and should be replaced.
    2. Start at the upper left corner of the keypad and press the first preprogrammed selection key. A light should go out while the key is pressed and then turn on again when the key is released.
      1. Continue for each of the seven remaining preprogrammed selection keys and the MANUAL control key.
      2. Repeat the same steps for each of the number keys, 0 through 9.
      3. Repeat the same steps for the SPEED UP and SLOW DOWN arrow keys.
    3. If during the test, there is any key, that when pressed/released the light doesn't blink, the keypad needs to be replaced.

C40 consoles with Blue LCDs

During this test, pressing any key displays the name of the key on the message line.

  1. Press Level ^, 6, 1 to begin the test.
  2. Firmly press each button, except the CLEAR button. Pressing CLEAR will end/exit the test.
    1. The name of each key will be shown in the display window when the key is pressed.
    2. Press CLEAR to end/exit the test.
  3. If during the test, there is any key, that when pressed the name of the key is not displayed, the keypad needs to be replaced.
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