Console Codes for Gauntlet by Stairmaster, Customize and Diagnostic

Diagnose problems or customize your setup with console codes for your Gauntlet by Stairmaster.

Console codes require the unit to be in an "idle" state for the code to be accepted. "Idle" state means the console is not displaying an error or any message that requires data input. The display should basically be freshly powered up, scrolling the EKG or welcome message.

7607 ENTER Program a scrolling message
40 ENTER Turn on teletype sound for scrolling messages only
41 ENTER Turn off teletype sound for scrolling messages only
2121 ENTER Turn off the EKG symbol and turns on scrolling message; the display is blank if no scrolling message has been programmed
2123 ENTER Turn off scrolling message and turns on EKG symbol
1010 ENTER Change a workout length
1650 ENTER Program a custom workout
4101 ENTER Run a custom workout
8089 ENTER Program odds for jackpot option
3121 ENTER Display current odds for jackpot option
Speed ^, 15, ENTER Display test
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