Why does one Pedal Drop on my Stairmaster Stepper?


Stairmaster Steppers, How to Troubleshoot when one Pedal Drops (Loses Resistance) while the Other Pedal Operates Correctly

  • If one pedal drops while the other operates correctly on your Stairmaster stepper, this problem commonly occurs when the drive sprocket on one side or the other becomes defective.
  • Usually, when one drive sprocket fails, the other isn't too far behind.
  • The best approach to resolve this problem is to install a new hub assembly.
    • Many find after going through the steps to replace a single worn part in the assembly, they are soon replacing another worn part in the same assembly.
      • After replacing a single worn part, folks learn the messiness of the matter, and most opt next round to do the entire assembly rather than continue approaching it piece by piece.
  • This is the nitty-gritty of why one pedal drops on your Stairmaster stepper.
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