Accessing Maintenance Mode on StarTrac 7600 and 7700 Treadmills

To engage Maintenance Mode:

    1. Press and hold the 0, 2, and START/RESUME keys.
    2. While holding all three keys release the 2 key only.
    3. A beep will sound and the display will read "MAINTENANCE MODE" momentarily in the information window. Once in the Maintenance Mode release all of the keys.
    4. The display will read "UNITS: ENGLISH" (or "UNITS: METRIC") depending on your settings.
    5. You will now be in the Maintenance Settings Mode for your unit. As a safety precaution, the unit will only stay in the Maintenance Mode for approximately 45 seconds after the last keystroke entry. As long as you are adjusting settings or scrolling through parameters, the unit will stay in mode.

The following keys are used to search through and modify the Maintenance Settings:

  • - / + INCLINE KEYS: Display the next and previous parameters.
  • - / + SPEED KEYS: Adjust the value of the displayed parameter up and down respectively. Some parameters can utilize the number pad.
  • ALPINE PASS: Sets parameter back to its default factory setting.
    Note: For parameter "LAST DECK" this key will set the parameter to the current "MILEAGE" value to clear the "REWAX BELT" message.
  • OK KEY: Updates (saves) the value of the display setting in the memory.
  • START/RESUME KEY: Used to initially enter the Maintenance Mode and updates changed parameter values.
  • NUMBER PAD: Used to directly enter numeric values.
  • STOP/PAUSE KEY: Used to exit the Maintenance Mode.
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