Recommended Tools for an Indoor Cycle Toolbox

This Sportsmith learning series video will show what tools and products you will want to have in your toolbox if you are working on indoor cycles

The tool kit shown in this video is an indoor cycle tool kit that you can buy from Sportsmith that has a lot of the tools you will need. They include but are not limited to:

  • Cotterless Crank Arm Extractor
  • 8MM Hex Wrench (for crank arm bolt removal on some cycles)
  • Six Inch Adjustable Wrench
  • Phillips and Flathead Screwdriver with Magnetic Tip (which can be quite handy in the field)
  • 14mm & 15mm Pedal Wrench (for installing and removing pedals)
  • Chain Break Tool
  • Chain Whip Tool
  • Bottom Bracket Tool
    • Something you might want to add to the kit is a 5/16”-24 x 2” bolt and several washers that you can use to install the tool onto the bottom bracket. Then use another tool to loosen the bottom bracket by turning the bottom bracket tool
  • Set of Hex Wrenches
  • Sometimes you may find that you cannot get enough torque or the right size from the set of hex wrenches in the pre-packaged tool kit, so it’s a good idea to have a set of the bits that will work with a 3/8” drive ratchet or for use with your torque wrench when setting the torque on things
  • You may also want to include an ISIS-style bottom bracket tool in your toolbox, which you can also use the bolt and washers with if needed
  • Some of the other tools you will need to have in your toolbox:
    • Lock Ring Tool
    • Torque Wrench
      • We show both a click style and a needle and beam style torque wrench in the video
      • Either one will work, just be sure to consult the manual to get the torque specs for whatever you are setting the torque on
    • A rubber mallet is also handy if something is locked up or jammed
    • A good pair of pliers and a set of locking pliers are also helpful at times
    • A chisel is sometimes needed to use with the rubber mallet to turn a rusty nut or bolt or to push out the pressed in bottom bracket bearings
    • You will want a wire brush for roughing up leather brake pads before applying oil or for removing rust from something
  • Some of the products we use and recommend are:
    • Stainless Steel Polish
    • Quick Shot Grease- from Schwinn- synthetic based, multi-service, non-melting waterproof grease
    • Tri-flow Penetrating Lube- loosens rusted parts, frees sticky mechanisms, washes away dirt, corrosion, and contaminants
    • Clean Ride- use on cycle chains to prevent buildup of debris
      • Debris forms but flakes off over time instead of building up
    • Thread Locker- probably the most valuable product in the box- use on nuts and bolts or even bottom brackets that repeatedly come loose
    • 3-n-1 Oil- lubricates, stops rust, and protects metal
      • Used on leather brake pads to extend the life

That pretty much covers what you should carry in your toolbox to service indoor cycles

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