95Xi LifeFitness Crosstrainer Videos, Inner Joint and Rocker Cover Replacement

Inner Joint & Rocker Cover Replacement Video for LifeFitness Crosstrainer 95Xi

Our video shows how to replace the inner lever joint and rocker arm covers on a LifeFitness Crosstrainer95Xi.

Tools Required:

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • 5/32" Allen Wrench


  1. Remove the outer lever joint and rocker arm covers as seen in the replacement video of the outer joint and rocker cover.
  2. Remove the (2) Allen bolts that secure the pedal rocker shaft to the pedal lever assembly.
  3. Slide the pedal rocker shaft out of both the pedal lever and rocker arm.
  4. Carefully separate the pedal lever from the rocker arm.
  5. Install the new inner pedal lever cover and inner rocker arm cover in reverse order.
    1. Each cover has a tab on it that must be inserted into either the square hole in the rocker arm or the pedal lever assembly.
    2. Once the tab has been engaged, seat the cover and complete the installation.
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