How to Replace the Running Belt and Deck on a LifeFitness 95T Treadmill

This video demonstrates the steps necessary when performing a belt and deck replacement on a LifeFitness 95T treadmill.

Tools Required:

  • 9/16" Socket Wrench or 9/16" Hand Wrench
  • Long Flathead Screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • 4MM Allen Wrench or Allen Socket
  • 8MM Allen Wrench
  • Plastic Putty Knife
  • Shop-Vac or Vacuum


  1. Begin by turning off the power at the treadmill and unplugging the unit from the wall.
  2. Remove the upright tube caps from the inside of the uprights.
  3. Remove the Phillips screw and tilt the cap at the top.
  4. Remove the motor shroud by first taking out all four screws in the shroud.
  5. Then remove the screws at the top of the front panel and loosen the lower screws. This will leave enough play to remove the shroud as shown in the video.
  6. Now with the Phillips screwdriver, remove the finger guards at the end of the treadmill from each side of the rear roller. You will need to slightly twist the finger guards to get them out from under the belt.
  7. Using the 8MM Allen Wrench, loosen the bolts on each side of the rear roller by 10 full turns.
  8. At this point, you can completely remove the rear roller bolts while keeping count of the number of turns at each side of the roller. Do not include the 10 full turns from the previous step, only count the turns for this step and make note of the number of turns for future reference. Carefully remove the rear roller from the treadmill and set it aside.
  9. At the motor compartment, use the long flathead screwdriver to lift the tensioner arm and remove the drive belt from the drive motor pulley. CAUTION – Pinch Point.
  10. Using the 9/16" socket wrench or hand wrench, remove the bolt from the front roller mount.
  11. Carefully remove the front roller from the frame and set the roller aside.
  12. Use the 4MM Allen wrench or socket to remove the 4 deck bolts from the deck.
  13. Once the 4 deck bolts are removed, you can pull the deck and belt from the frame.
  14. Be careful to not let the deck drop too far down into the frame during removal. Damage to the anti-static tinsel can occur if the deck drops too low into the frame (as seen in the video).
  15. It is recommended to thoroughly clean the treadmill before completing your belt and deck replacement. While the belt, deck, and rollers are out of the frame is a great time for cleaning. Dirt, debris, or other contamination can cause noise, early damage, or premature wear on new parts.
  16. Use a plastic putty knife to scrape away any debris build-up from the front and rear rollers.
  17. Vacuum most of the painted surfaces then wipe clean with a Sportsmith equipment wipe.
  18. Once you've completed the cleaning of your treadmill, it should now be ready for reassembly.
  19. It is necessary to install a new deck surface with the new treadmill belt.
  20. Your unit may have an unused side of the deck that can be flipped into use or the deck may need to be replaced.
  21. Before installing the new deck surface, inspect the Tinnerman clips (speed nuts). The Tinnerman clips are what the deck bolts thread into.
  22. Simplify the installation process by placing the new treadmill belt over the new deck surface. Ensure the belt is installed in the proper direction. If marked, use the arrows on the inside of the belt.
  23. Now place the belt and deck into the treadmill as a unit.
  24. Install the front two deck bolts (closest to the front roller) about halfway.
  25. Then use a long tool to line up the deck holes by the rear roller while placing your weight onto the deck to allow the bolts to start. Install these bolts about halfway.
  26. Now tighten all four deck bolts.
  27. Carefully insert the front roller under the treadmill belt and into place. Make sure to install the drive belt over the pulley on the front roller.
  28. Install the pulley end of the roller into the frame and align the other end with its bolt hole.
  29. Install the bolt and using the 9/16" socket or hand wrench, tighten it.
  30. Again, use the long flathead screwdriver to lift the tensioner arm and reinstall the drive belt onto the drive motor pulley. CAUTION - Pinch Point.
  31. Install the rear roller under the belt and while pulling back on the roller install the roller bolts on each side.
  32. Remember to keep count of the number of turns on the rear roller bolts. Reinstall the roller bolts using the same number of turns you noted earlier.
  33. The belt may still be too loose, but that is ok as it can be fixed in a moment.
  34. Plug the unit back into the wall outlet and turn the power on.
  35. Start the unit at a very slow speed and observe the tracking of the belt. If the belt is not turning with the front roller, make small equal turns of the rear roller bolts until the belt begins to move. If the belt moves quickly to either side of the frame, quickly press the STOP key to keep the belt from being damaged. If the belt is moving to the left side of the unit, you can tighten the bolt on the left side of the rear roller. If the belt moves to the right side, you can tighten the bolt on the right side of the rear roller. Once the belt is tracking straight, move on to the next step.
  36. Re-install the finger guards over the rear roller with the Phillips screwdriver.
  37. With the unit stopped, step onto the treadmill and straddle the running belt with a foot placed on each side of the frame. Start the unit at a walking speed and begin to walk on the belt. If the belt stops on your footfall or with your weight, make small adjustments such as 1/4 turns on each side of the rear roller until the belt slippage or hesitation is no longer felt. Continue this adjustment until no slippage or hesitation is felt at running speed.
  38. Now reinstall the motor shroud and upright tube caps.
  39. Log the repair into the Maintenance record of the treadmill display electronics.
    1. Press STOP and hold the PAUSE key until the display comes on and reads SERVICE MENU.
    2. Use the UP or DOWN arrow to scroll to MAINTENANCE and press ENTER.
    3. The display now reads MAINTENANCE MENU.
    4. Use the UP or DOWN arrow, scroll to REPLACING BELT/DECK, and press ENTER.
    5. The display will read REPAIR LOGGED and will then return to the SERVICE MENU.
    6. You can press the STOP key to exit the SERVICE MENU.
  40. This completes the belt and deck replacement on the LifeFitness 95T treadmill.
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