How to Attach Components to a Schwinn AC Bike

This video covers the steps required to attach the console components to an AC Bike by Schwinn

Tools Required

  • Phillips Screwdriver


  • Begin by attaching the console bracket to the handlebar slider using the (2) screws provided with the bracket
  • Slide the console down into the bracket
  • Using the Phillips screwdriver, attach the console to the bracket
    • Check to ensure the console is firmly mounted
  • Now to mount the speed sensor to the bike
    • You will notice that the speed sensor housing needs to be placed inside the other speed sensor plastic
      • Again, using the Phillips screwdriver, attach the two plastic pieces together creating a solid housing for the speed sensor
  • Next, you will need to remove (2) screws from the chain guard for use in attaching the speed sensor
  • Attach the speed sensor to the bike using the screws just removed
    • Making sure the speed sensor is within 5MM of the magnet that is mounted in the flywheel
      This is necessary so that each time the magnet passes the sensor, the speed is relayed to the console. An audible click can be heard when the speed sensor is close enough to the magnet. Ensure that the speed sensor is not rubbing the flywheel
  • Remove (2) of the screws securing the user's right side fender to the frame using the Phillips screwdriver
  • Loosen the remaining top fender screw a few turns to allow you to pivot the guard upward exposing the brake carriage assembly
  • Take your power sensor and place the rubber gasket against the power sensor so that when mounted, the gasket sits between your power upgrade and the bike
  • Attach the power sensor to the bike ensuring both screws are nice and tight
  • Rotate the fender guard back into position and secure it with its screws
    • Ensuring you retighten the top fender screw previously loosened
  • This completes the attachment of your console, power upgrade, and speed sensor to your Schwinn AC bike


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