Shroud Removal for Stairmaster Steppers 4400CL/PT and 4600CL/PT

This video covers shroud removal for the Stairmaster 4400CL/PT and 4600CL/PT Steppers. The shrouds are the plastic covers around the frame of the machine.


  • Fastener Removal Tool


  1. Begin removing the lower shrouds first. Using the Fastener Removal Tool, place the notch of the tool under the round head of the plastic rivet fastener; Pull the rivet fastener out of the plastic shroud. Damage to the rivet fastener can occur if the proper tool is not used for removal. It is a good idea to keep extra fasteners on hand. Remove all 11 rivet fasteners from the lower shrouds. There are two different types of rivet fasteners. Be sure to keep them separated and note which fasteners were used where.
  2. Next, remove the mid-frame guard. Step onto both pedals bringing them to the floor. This allows you to slide the mid-frame guard back and lift it up off the frame. Step off the pedals letting them rise back to the top.
  3. Removing the lower shrouds is now a matter of working them off the frame. As long as all the rivet fasteners have been removed, the lower shrouds will work free with a little help.
  4. Remove the console mounting hardware using a wrench or socket. Once the console is free, it may be necessary to remove the magazine holder if equipped. You will need to disconnect the cable from the console. The console can now be set aside until reassembly.
  5. Remove the remaining rivet fasteners from the neck covers. Pinch the neck covers together as you remove the fasteners so the covers do not fall. Separate the neck covers and make note of how the cable is clipped to one of the neck covers. Unclip the cable from the neck cover.

The shroud removal for the StairMaster 4400CL/PT and 4600CL/PT Steppers is now complete.

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