Step and Drive Chain Replacement Part 1 Video for Stairmaster Stepmill, SM916,7000PT

Part 1 Video of the Drive & Step Chain Replacement on the Stairmaster Stepmills

Part 1 of the step and drive chain replacement video covers the beginning steps for replacing the chains found on the Stairmaster Stepmills including models 7000PT and SM916.


  • Fastener Removal Tool
  • Safety Goggles


  1. Begin by using the fastener removal tool and remove the panel fastener rivets from the side covers.
  2. Once all fasteners from the cover are removed, you can pull the panel away from the frame; exposing the drive chain and a step chain.
  3. This completes part 1 of the chain replacement.
  4. See part 2 for the next steps in the drive and step chain replacement.
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