Step and Drive Chain Replacement Part 2 Video for Stairmaster Stepmill, SM916 and 7000PT

Drive & Step Chain Replacement on Stairmaster Stepmill Video Part 2

This video is part 2 of the step & drive chain replacement on Stairmaster Stepmills including the models SM916 and 7000PT.


  • Flathead Screwdriver


  1. Starting with the drive chain, you will rotate the steps until the master link is visible on the drive chain.
  2. Using the flathead screwdriver, loosen the master link by pushing the link loose from its pins.
  3. Once this piece is removed, pry up on the link to lift this part of the link over the rivet pins in the link.
  4. Disconnect the link from the drive chain.
  5. Remove the drive chain from the unit.
  6. This completes the removal of the drive chain.
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