Do I have to Pay Sales Tax?

Sales tax is a mandatory fee imposed by state and local governments on the sale of goods and services. It's important to understand why and how sales tax is calculated during checkout and what options are available for those who are eligible for sales tax exemption.

Sales Tax Calculation at Checkout:

The amount of sales tax applied depends on the location of the buyer and the seller. Different states and localities have varying tax rates, which means that the same item might have a different tax rate depending on where it's being shipped.

When you add items to your online shopping cart and proceed to checkout, the sales tax is automatically calculated based on the shipping address you provide. We use this information to determine the appropriate tax rate and add it to your total purchase amount. This tax revenue is then passed on to the relevant government authorities.

Sales Tax Exemption Process:

In certain situations, individuals or organizations may be eligible for a sales tax exemption. This exemption means that they are not required to pay the applicable sales tax on their purchases. Sales tax exemptions are typically granted to non-profit organizations, government entities, and other qualified groups based on their tax-exempt status.

If you believe you qualify for a sales tax exemption, you can follow these steps to request an exemption:

  1. Gather Necessary Documentation: Prepare the required documentation that proves your eligibility for a sales tax exemption. This may include your tax-exempt certificate, proof of non-profit status, or any other relevant paperwork.

  2. Contact Information: Reach out to our customer service before completing your purchase. In the case of our online store, if you wish to claim a sales tax exemption, you can do so by emailing the necessary documentation to or by faxing it to 918-307-0216.

  3. Verification: We will review the provided documentation to verify your eligibility for a sales tax exemption. This process may take some time, so it's recommended to begin the process well before you plan to make a purchase.

  4. Exemption Confirmation: Once your documentation is verified and accepted, we will update your account. For online orders, you will be required to log into your account to ensure that the exemption is applied correctly during the checkout process.

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