Tips For Installing A Tight New Treadmill Belt


Most people think their new belt is too short for one of the following reasons:

  • The difference in length when compared to the old belt
  • The new belt doesn’t seem to be long enough to install all hardware or brackets with ease

The reasons your belt may appear too short are:

  • The belt will stretch some with time
  • The belt will stretch once installed
  • The manufacturer has a tolerance in production of plus or minus a fraction of an inch

The combination of these things can make it seem the belt is entirely too short when in fact it is a new belt ready for use.

To help install the belt try the following:

  • Unroll the belt sometime before and let it flatten and acclimate to the environment
  • Use a pry tool to help pull the rear roller back enough to start the bolts
    •  NOTE! Be sure to make several turns on the roller bolts before removing pressure from the pry tool to prevent damage to the rear roller or bolt threads

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