Shroud Removal Video for Nautilus SC916 Stepper

This video covers shroud removal for Nautilus SC916 steppers. Shrouds are the plastic covers around the frame of your machine that enclose the working and moving components of your stepper.

Tools Needed:

  • Phillips Screwdriver

Power drills are acceptable for use when removing the screws, however, they are not recommended for installation of the screws. Power drills can over-torque the screws causing damage to the threads.


  1. Begin by removing the mid cover or cup holder shroud.
    1. There are a total of 6 screws to remove for this shroud.
      1. Place the screws removed with the shroud (to avoid mixup of hardware).
  2. Remove the left and right shrouds by first removing the screws through the left shroud.
    1. Start with the top two screws.
    2. Then remove the screw from the bottom just below the logo on both left and right sides.
    3. Next, remove the screw that pinches the two shrouds together between the pedals.
    4. Lastly, remove the remaining screw from the bottom front of the left shroud.
  3. The shrouds can now be removed from the unit and the shroud removal for the SC916 Stepper by Nautilus is complete.
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