Preventive Maintenance Video for Nautilus SC916 Stepper


This video covers preventive maintenance on your SC916 Stepper by Nautilus.

Following a good preventive maintenance schedule will reduce repair costs and equipment downtimes.

Due to the workout your equipment gets from use, they can become dirty over time.

  • Inspect the heart rate grips (if equipped) and make sure there is no accumulation of sweat on or around the contacts. A non-abrasive cleaner can be used on the contact heart rate grips daily.
  • Inspect all the shrouds and ensure they are securely fastened and no cracks have developed.
    • The use of abrasive cleaners can create cracks in the shrouds or cause them to become brittle.
  • Inspect the cup holder shroud.
    • Make sure there have been no holes drilled into the shroud for the purpose of allowing sweat to drain and preventing accumulation.
      • The proper method of dealing with the sweat accumulation in the cup holder shroud is regular cleaning of the area.
  • Once you've made all the shroud inspections, step up onto the pedals.
    • Feel the motion of the unit and verify smooth operation.
    • Listen for irregular noises.

A good maintenance routine allows you to recognize how a unit in good operating condition should feel and sound.

  • Next, inspect the step chains.
    • The links of the chain should move freely.
      • The chains should be lubricated on a 3-month basis with 30w motor oil.
  • Inspect the pedal hardware.
    • Each step the user takes, there is movement of the pedal hardware.
      • Ensure that all the snap rings are secure to their shafts and none are working free.
        • If a snap ring is not secure, it's possible that damage to the pedal can occur or it could fall off during exercise and a possible injury could occur.

These are the main points for preventive maintenance of the Nautilus SC916 stepper.

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