Troubleshooting No Power to Console with Nautilus SM916

In the event you are troubleshooting no power to the console of your Nautilus SM916, these are some simple steps to find the cause. It is recommended to follow the steps in their order to properly diagnose the cause for No Power to the Console.


  • Multi-meter
  • Rivet Fastener Removal Too
  • Phillips Screwdriver


  1. Begin by verifying you have proper power coming to the unit.
    1. This can be done by looking at the power supply.
    2. Verify the power supply is plugged into the wall outlet and connected to the unit.
    3. Also, verify the green power indicator light on the power supply is lit.
      1. If the green power indicator light on the power supply is not lit, you need to further verify power from the wall outlet.
  2. After verifying power to the unit, you will want to remove the user's right side panel to gain access to the lower board.
    1. If power is coming into the lower board the RELAY and POWER LEDs will be lit.
  3. You will then want to verify that the power is leaving the lower board and going to the console. You will be testing for DC voltage with your multi-meter.
    1. This can be done by placing the black lead of your multi-meter into the black wire of the console cable connector and the red lead into the white wire.
    2. You should get a reading of 12 – 16VDC.
  4. After verifying power from the lower board, you will want to verify the console cable.
    1. First, inspect the wiring harness going to the console.
    2. Verify that the upper wire harness** is securely connected to the lower wire harness**.
    3. Also verify no wires are loose from their connectors and that wires are properly connected (red to red, white to white, etc.).
  5. Next, verify the power coming into the console.
    1. Remove the (4) Phillips screws attaching the console.
    2. Verify that the wire harness is connected to the console properly by ensuring the tabs are clipped onto the connector.
    3. If still no power to the console, disconnect the console cable from the console and set the console aside.
    4. Using the multi-meter on the DC voltage setting, place the red meter lead into the connector socket for the white wire and the black meter lead into black.
      1. You should get a reading of 12 – 16VDC.
        1. A good reading determines the console at fault and the console should be replaced.
        2. A bad reading determines the wire harness** at fault and the wire harness** should be replaced.

**Note: Early versions of the SM916 had a two-piece wire harness. The two-piece wire harness was known for separating at the connection point of the upper and lower harnesses and causing No Power to the Console. A single wire harness is now being used to eliminate this issue.

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