No Power Troubleshooting Video for Nautilus SC916 Stepper

This video covers a No Power situation on the Stairmaster SC916 Stepper. The nature of the Nautilus SC916 stepper is to power up when you step onto the pedals. A No Power situation, as the video shows, results in no response from the console and the pedals falling to the floor.

Tools Needed:

  • Multi Meter


  1. This unit is battery powered, so the battery voltage is the first thing to inspect. The battery should read 6.1 VDC or greater.
    1. The battery can be recharged if the reading is less than 6 VDC but greater than 4.8 VDC. It should be connected to the battery charger for 24 hours and then disconnected.
    2. If the battery reads less than 4.8 VDC, the battery is no longer good and should be replaced.
  2. If the battery voltage is good, the next item to inspect is the speed sensor.
    1. The gap between the speed sensor and its target disc should be close to a credit cards thickness.
      1. Adjust the gap if necessary.
    2. Inspect the connection of the speed sensor to the lower control board.
      1. Reset connection if necessary.
      2. See the Speed Sensor Testing and Adjustment for further troubleshooting of the speed sensor.
  3. The lower control board could be at fault if everything up to this point has checked out well.
    1. It is recommended to swap the suspect lower control board with a known good board.
    2. Replace the lower control board if necessary.
    3. Ensure all connections to the lower control board are secure.
      1. A loose cable or wire connection can often be the cause for the No Power situation.
        1. As the video shows, that is the case in this example.
  4. A last note, you can remove the console and disconnect the 20 pin cable from the display and check for voltage.
    1. Measuring DC voltage from the black and white wires, you should get the same reading as from your battery.
    2. If the voltage verifies but the console still does not power up, then the console should be replaced.
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