Differences in Coated Cables for Strength Equipment

Are all coated cables on strength equipment created equally? No, and that is why you may hear things like this cable seems stiffer, the motion doesn't feel the same, or it just doesn't feel as smooth.

There are the classic coated cables that have been around for eons with strength equipment whose nylon coating is much stiffer in comparison to that of the newer generation of nylon coated cable referred to as Exerflex Pro.

Machines that were manufactured using the newer generation of coated cable, Exerflex Pro, may not perform the same if a different cable is used as a replacement when making repairs. This can impact the warranty, wear and performance of parts, in addition to affecting the user's workout and even causing unnecessary downtime for the machine.

If your strength machine was originally equipped with Exerflex Pro cable, this is the type of cable that should be used for replacement on the machine.

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