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Mad Dogg Athletics are the owners/originators of the term "spinning".  You may see the name Mad Dogg associated with almost any indoor cycle bike that carries the labels "spinning", "spinner", and "spin".

One of the contributors behind the spinning program is the well-known, ultra-distance cyclist Johnny "Johnny G" Goldberg.

Over the years, known fitness brands like Schwinn and StarTrac, have produced versions of these indoor cycles. These were branded for their respective manufacturer. In addition, both Schwinn and Star Trac produced bikes with the "Johnny G" label.

Schwinn produced the Johnny G Spinner Pro and Johnny G Spinner Elite bikes until 2003. It was then that the Johnny G bikes began to be made under the Star Trac brand. Star Trac Johnny G bikes were the models 5800 and 5900.

Many clubs have indoor cycle bikes that look identical to each other but may be branded differently and may use different parts.

Be sure to collect the brand, model name, and model, SKU, serial# details from the bike when needing parts. These details will help ensure you identify and order the correct parts for your bike.

The model specifics for your bike may be found on a label attached to the frame in one of the following locations:

  • Located on the bottom of either front or rear stabilizer (bike must be tilted to access)
  • Located on the bottom of the mid-frame (bike must be tilted to access)
  • Located on the upright frame behind the chain or belt guard
  • Located on the inside of the frame, near the flywheel


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