Precor Stuck Key Error

Once known as Error 05, the Stuck Key message has been in use since 2003 and is not a recorded error in the log of the machine.

This error message indicates a key is stuck in the operating state at the power-up of the Precor machine.


The test performed at power-up of the machine detects a key in the down or on position. A stuck key prevents proper machine performance.

  • This can be caused by liquid or sweat on the touch-sensitive screen or a key stuck in the operating state.
  • The upper PCA is a less likely, but possible cause to consider.



  • Ensure no liquid or sweat on the touch-sensitive screen. Wipe away any liquid or sweat from the display. Reset power to the machine. If the error no longer exists, liquid or sweat was the cause.
  • Use a light touch to massage any buttons or keys on the display and try again. If the error no longer exists, the keypad is the problem.
  • If the error consistently displays when the machine powers up, replace the upper PCA.



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