How to Replace the HTD (Drive) Belt on the Schwinn AD6


This video will show how to replace the Drive belt, or (HTD) belt on your Schwinn Airdyne AD6

Tools required:

  • #2 Phillips Screwdriver
  • 15mm Wrench
  • 13mm Wrench
  • Small Zip Ties
  • Knife or Wire Cutters to remove Zip Ties


Note: Be very careful when removing hardware. A stripped screw can add more work and frustration to any procedure.

  1. Using the Phillips screwdriver, begin by removing both lower shrouds. There are six screws on each side
  2. Carefully remove the poly-v belt by pulling it to the side with a piece of bungee while slowly turning the crank. Note: Keep fingers out of the way as this creates a pinch hazard
  3. Loosen and remove the idler pulley mounting nuts with a 15 mm wrench. Then remove the tightening blocks from the axle
  4. Slide the idler pulley out of the mounting brackets. Remove the Drive belt from the idler pulley. Then Place the idler back in the brackets
  5. Loosen the connector arm from the pivot arm at the front of the bike. This requires a 13mm wrench. Do not lose the wave washer. Place the wave washer between the connector arm and the pivot arm
  6. Slide the new belt between the connector and pivot arms
  7. Remount the connector arm to the pivot arm
  8. Install the new drive belt around the idler pulley and the poly-v pulley. Slide the idler pulley into the slots then place the tension blocks back over the frame. Start with the drive belt side
  9. Install the nuts on the axle and finger tighten
  10. Using small zip ties install the new fan belt to the idler pulley as shown here. Be sure to stop the belt and cut the zip ties after the belt is on the pulley
  11. Check the bike for function by spinning the crank arm by hand
  12. Tighten the nuts on each end of the idler axle
  13. Replace the shrouds starting with the top center screw on each shroud
  14. This completes the procedure
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