Bike Video, Indoor Cycles and Morse Taper Pedals

This video covers the differences between a taper pedal vs. a threaded pedal and how to install a tapered pedal.

Many indoor cycles are now using a morse taper pedal. Morse taper pedals have a smooth shaft where the pedal connects to the crank arm. These are press-fit pedals. The shaft is tapered and presses into the crank arm by a bolt that threads into the end of the pedal shaft.

Morse taper pedals may be an option for buyers when purchasing their indoor cycle. For example, the Schwinn AC Performance and AC Performance Plus Carbon Blue bikes sell with the optional Morse taper pedals. This option requires a change in both the pedals and the crank arms on the bike.

As of this date, we do not offer any upgrade for bike owners to change their threaded pedals to the Morse taper design.

Since taper pedals are an option for bike buyers, it is important to know what type of pedals your bike is equipped. This will help ensure you get the proper replacements when the time is needed.


If you own a bike that uses Morse taper pedals, we sell pedals for your bike.

We have the ever-popular Schwinn triple-link pedals. We offer both the Look Delta and Look KEO pedals with a Morse taper.

We also offer the Trio and Trio QR pedals with Morse taper.

If you need morse taper pedals for your indoor cycle, drop by and see what we offer.


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