Why are the batteries falling out of my indoor cycle console?

Did you recently replace the batteries in your console or computer only to find the replacements appear a bit too small or didn't fit as expected? This article gives tips and tricks about the possible reasons for this symptom and how to repair the problem.

  Tech Tip

When replacing batteries in any piece of equipment always follow these 3 rules:
  1.  Check the existing battery for its specs and replace only with a battery of the same specs.
  2. Never mix batteries of different types. For example, do not mix different types of batteries such as Lithium, Alkaline, or NiMh.
  3. Never use a standard battery in place of a rechargeable battery.

Failure to follow these rules can pose safety concerns such as fire and electrical hazards.

Inspect the contacts on each end of the connection for corrosion. Sometimes corrosion can lead to broken or damaged conductors that will leave extra space in the battery chamber. See example below:



Here is an example of the same style of contact that is undamaged:



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